I met him online

When we started using computers in fifth grade, we were warned about stranger danger, like, all the time. It was just one year later when I found video chat sites.
I loved logging onto the websites and talking to older men. I had just started to get curious about boys, and the boys online loved me. And I loved the attention.
So, I hurried home every day after school to get online and start chatting. I met him soon after.
He asked me to call him that. My parents were divorced. I hadn’t seen my real Dad in over two years.
So, I began flirting. I liked him because he said nice things and because he liked me a lot.
He was in his late thirties. He was cute; he looked like my pre-algebra teacher, Mr. Martin. I thought Mr. Martin was kinda cute too.
But Daddy liked me in a special way. The first time we met, I was greeted by his warm face. Wow, he wrote. Hello, beautiful.
hiya, I answered.
What’re you doing on this site? He asked.
just bored, trying to talk to people, I wrote.
Well, this is no place for such a pretty little girl, he said. What’s your name?
Hi, Molly. Do you want to be friends? I smiled and nodded. You can call me Daddy if you’d like. I have to go soon but we should exchange Skypes. So, I made a Skype account.
I’d been surprised that he didn’t want to do anything sexual. But I also kinda liked it. It felt like we were dating, because people don’t have sex right away a lot, I told myself.
So, we’d set up Skype appointments every few days. Then, it turned into every day. Eventually, we started doing the sexual stuff. He helped me explore myself as a very young girl.
I told him that I missed him often and that I cared about him- even that I loved him after only two weeks of knowing him. But I was really, really sure that I loved him.
After a while, I told him that I wanted to meet him- seriously. He only lived two hours away. My parents left me home alone for a lot of days during the summer, which I told him. I gave him my address, and we arranged a day to see each other! I was so excited, but Daddy made me promise that I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Ever. I was sad about that because I wanted to brag about my boyfriend, but he told me that people would want us to break up, and that he wouldn’t be my Daddy anymore. That would’ve been terrible. So, I agreed, and he promised he’d pick me up from my house.
I even put on my prettiest shorts and tank top and mascara so that he’d think I was pretty. I was so nervous! I was ready over an hour before he got to my house, just waiting on the couch, looking out the window as cartoons played on the television.
Finally, his car pulled up. He texted me, I’m here.
I walked out to the car, trying not to run with excitement! He hurried out, though. He was tall and strong and handsome in a common way.
I gave him a hug. He returned it, then came around and opened the front door for me! I wasn’t usually allowed to sit in the front. Plus, he opened my door! It was so gentlemanly- like princes in princess movies! The car didn’t smell good, though, and there was a lot of fast food wrappers in the backseat.
He brought me to his house; it was a long drive, but he let me play all my music, even the Disney stuff.
His house was really small. It was smaller than any house I’d ever been in; it definitely wasn’t a good place to play hide and seek.
He brought me right to the bedroom. His bed was a full-size, like mine. It had a comforter with flowers on it.
“Do you want anything to eat or drink? I have some candy, sodas, cookies-“
I nodded. “Yes, please- D-Daddy,” I said quietly. I was still pretty nervous. He returned with a box of cookies and a Dr. Pepper. I drank the whole thing and ate the cookies. It made me feel pretty funny- a little sleep and like I couldn’t think or see totally straight.
I felt like my legs and arms were heavy, and so was my head. Plus, my heart was beating really loudly. “How are you feeling baby?” Daddy asked.
“A little fuzzy,” I answered. My words were all connected together, and they sounded confused.
“Here, lie down,” he told me, grabbing my arm and laying me down on the bed next to him. He dimmed the lights and turned on a lava lamp in the corner. It was pretty.
I watched the lamp for a while. He started rubbing my tummy. It felt good.
Then, he pulled my top up a bit to reveal my flat stomach. He kept rubbing it. But my shirt kept riding up, above my small nipples. His hands dipped below my waistline into my shorts, still rubbing my tummy. “How does this feel, baby? A little better?”
I nodded slowly. “A little, Daddy.”
“Are you hot?” he asked.
I hadn’t realized, but I was. “Yes.”
“Let’s get you out of these clothes, baby.”
I didn’t feel good.
He lifted my shirt and shorts off, and I didn’t tell him not to.
He laid on top of me, then. He stared into my half-closed eyes as he kissed my lips, closing his eyes as he told me, “You’re the most beautiful little baby ever.”
I smiled softly against his lips. His tongue pushed into my little mouth. This was definitely a big girl kiss; I’d seen it in videos online.
He was grabbing me, tugging my nipples, his nails digging in. I looked down slowly to see blood covering them. It didn’t feel as painful as it looked, which was weird. My chest started bruising.
Then, his hand dropped down to my special place. “Daddy-“ I said quietly. “I don’t…” my voice trailed off. I’d told him I didn’t want to do anything down there today, and he said that it was fine, of course.
But now he was touching me there, tickling me. It felt kinda good, but my body was pounding with the rest of the pain. He bit my tongue, pulling it with his teeth as his finger went inside of me.
That hurt.
He pushed it in really, really hard, and then he shoved another one in right away, followed by another one! He had all three fingers inside my really small, hairless hole, and I was scared.
“Daddy,” I hiccupped. I didn’t feel good, and I wanted to go home. I wanted my mommy.
He undid his zipper. He pulled out his penis. He lined it up with my hole and shoved it inside of me really hard. I was crying a little, but it was hard for me to understand everything going on at once.
He was touching me all over still, kissing me harder and harder as he pushed his penis into my hairless hole over and over and over again. It felt like it’d never end. His big body was crushing my small, young one as he put his penis in me deeper and deeper.
Finally, Daddy spurted his juices inside of me. He rolled off and got up to turn off a video camera that had been sitting in the corner of the room. I was still having a hard time understanding everything.
When he drove me home later, I didn’t tell anyone. I would get in so, so, soooo much trouble for chatting with strangers online.
I went back online about five months later. I couldn’t stay away.
Daddy came back and picked me up once in a while. I was scared of him, but he told me he’d hurt my family and my dog, and plus, I was still scared of my parents finding out. Little did I know how fucked I’d be when I got pregnant three years later.


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