Jenna’s Pup

We’d fallen asleep drunk in Jenna’s bed. It was still dark when I woke up. There were noises coming from Jenna, who was lying next to me. I turned over, my eyes closed. The noises stopped.
I felt as if I shouldn’t be awake, but I didn’t know why. I opened my eyes a bit so I could see what was going on.
The noises continued, as if Jenna had been waiting until she was sure I was asleep.
I almost thought I was still drunk. She was licking her dog’s cock in bed next to me. Oh my god. I’d never even given a blowjob to a boy before! I noticed liquid on my right arm. Dog cum?
I was suddenly disgusted and horny at the same time.
She kept licking his cock, loud, sloppy, wet noises resulting from her mouth on his big, thick doggy dick.
Minutes later, hot, thick liquid squirted onto me, covering my arms and chest and face. Still, I feigned sleep.
I woke up again around 5am. I was hungover and tired, but I couldn’t fall back asleep.
I tried to shake Jenna awake, but she groaned and turned over; she always slept so deeply after she drank.
Her parents were away for the weekend, so I crawled out of bed and went down to Jenna’s basement. I packed a bowl and began smoking, hoping it would help with my hangover. Soon, though, I was smoking more for fun and less for the medicinal remedy of it.
I was as high as a kite when Spot came running down the wooden stairs. He hopped onto the couch next to me, and I began to pet him. I hesitated remembering the prior night’s events.
I thought about what had happened- Jenna’s lips wrapped around her dog’s thick cock. I was getting very turned on; the disgust had faded away completely with my loss of sobriety.
I looked over at Spot. He was taking up more than half the couch. I noticed that the very tiny tip of his cock was poking out of its sheath; it was even more red than I had believed in the dark.
As if I wasn’t controlling it, my hand reached out towards it, my fingertips lightly caressing his cock. I grabbed hold of it, feeling its warmth in my hand.
It began to grow then; Spot’s dick was huge- I hadn’t been expecting it to be so big! It was a long, thick dog cock. My stomach fluttered with excitement. I began stroking it lightly, then harder. He began humping my hand a little, precum leaking from the very tip of his oddly-shaped cock.
I don’t know what made me do it. I want to blame the weed, but I think I would’ve wanted to do it sober, too. I put my mouth on his big, dirty, wet doggy dick, just as Jenna had done a few hours earlier.
It tasted weird, but I couldn’t get enough. I licked and sucked and flicked at Spot’s cock, moaning and rubbing my huge 34E tits and my tiny, hairless virgin pussy.
I kept sucking until he began humping my face aggressively- that’s when I came violently, my whole body overwhelmed with pleasure as I humped my hand, my fingers tickling my clit as I licked Spot’s doggy cock.
I began to reach for my clothes. Now that I had cum, I realized how awkward it would’ve been for Jenna to come downstairs. When I bent over though, Spot jumped on top of me!
He pushed me to the ground forcefully; I’d had no idea he was such a strong dog!
He began humping me from behind. I was freaking out- I was a virgin! I couldn’t let some dirty dog fuck me!
I tried to crawl away, but Spot bit my shoulder hard! His paws wrapped around my sides, scratching my tits, I was unable to move. That’s when he drove his dog dick deep into my tight virgin pussy. I began to cry; the pain was almost unbearable.
Soon, though, it gave way to pleasure. I was whispering to Spot, telling him what a good boy he was. He humped me unapologetically, driving his huge dog dock deeper and deeper into me until he pushed into me one last time, a big ball at the base of his cock sinking into my pussy.
I was cumming on his dog cock as Spot remained on top of me, shooting warm dog cum deep into my pussy.
When he finally pulled away, his dick squeezing out of my pussy, a wave of cum fell out of me and onto the concrete floor.
I dressed quickly, the dog’s cum still leaking onto my panties as I walked upstairs and went back to bed, believing that no one would ever find out.
I later found out that Jenna had laced her weed with a fertility pill designed to allow women to reproduce with dogs. We both discovered that we were pregnant soon after; we each gave birth to our litters a few months later. Now, our puppies fuck us together, and we make a ton of money off of our videos!


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