My best Friend’s Brother

So when I was a kid, I had a huge crush on my best friends older step brother. He gave me this weird fetish for step brothers, like I really wanted him to be my big brother because he pretty much acted like he was, so protective and helpful, but he also flirted with me every so often. It all was a bit confusing because I called him big Bro but I also wanted him to kiss me and stuff. I was 13 years old and he was probably 17 I think when this happened. I was invited on a two day trip with my best friend’s family for New Years. Their parents had good money and a “woods house” that they used for winter vacation and all that. On New Years Eve, my friend’s parents went out to a casino hotel that was like an hour or two away from the woods house. Her parents were really permissive and cool, they let us drink as long as we didn’t go anywhere far and since it was cold and it had snowed earlier that day, we didn’t even leave the house. We were all decently good kids so they knew we wouldn’t throw a big party and trash the place so they stayed at the hotel and left us alone in the house. So, the parents left and since my friend had invited me, her step brother (we’ll call him Jake) invited his friend, DJ, who was about the same age as Jake, if not a year younger. Long story short, we all got drunk from playing drinking games with horror movies. It was all vodka and my first time drinking that much…my face was pink and hot and I naturally get very wet when I’m intoxicated, I’m not sure why but…it happens…So, we got through half the movie and got bored, started playing truth or dare. DJ, I thought, was a weirdo and a bad kid…He dared me to give him a lap dance and I said no. So I had to answer a truth question as a penalty (and take another shot) he asked if I would give Jake a lap dance instead, if he wanted…I said yes. All shy about it and Jake smiled and looked down because he turned red when he was embarrassed. After that, DJ kept trying to get me to do things to him, like kiss him or put my hand down his pants, and at that point it was obvious that I liked Jake. I didn’t know why he kept trying to get me…but every time I said no to a dare, I had to do a truth and take a shot. I thought I was hot shit and would never pass on a dare…but I didn’t want DJ touching me and I think my friend had a crush on him anyway. My point is, I got really drunk really fast. At some point though, DJ dared me to take my shirt off. By then, my body was really hot from all the vodka and I flat out didn’t care so I took it off and just sat in my bra. Jake pursed his lips when he looked at me but he looked away shyly when he knew I saw. He started checking me out more as we played. The boys dared each other to do stupid things like back flip off the counter and Jake somehow ended up in only his boxers after running through the snow in just his underwear, but once it got to me, I spitefully dared DJ to kiss my best friend. He did it of course and apologized to Jake for kissing his step sister but then DJ dared me to straddle Jake and stay like that until it was my turn again. I was just in silky pj shorts and a bra and Jake was in boxers but I did it anyway. As we played, Jake would tickle me a bit when I’d make a joke, making me wiggle around a bit or he’d like pick me up by the thighs/butt to reposition me (he said his legs were falling asleep). All the running turned me on and at times he would groan quietly when I’d turn to face my friend… When it was Jake’s turn, he dared his step sister to sit in the basement for 10mins in the dark (she hated the basement, thought it was haunted). She was about to say no but DJ offered to do it with her and she quickly said okay.When it was just me and Jake, I tried to get off his lap but he quickly grabbed my hips and pulled me back down. That’s when I could tell how hard he had gotten. I tried to play it off like I didn’t notice but he said “sorry…you have to stay. Rules are rules.” He had gotten pretty drunk and his normal shyness and “big brother” attitude turned into something a bit more relaxed and authoritative. I tried to be cute and told him “you just like having me in your lap”. He smiled and squeezed me hips, rolling me back a bit so I could look down at a bulge pressing against his boxers.   “If you get up, they’ll see. I won’t tell if you don’t.” He said, his eyes were half open and his face was red around his cheeks. I just nodded my head, since I had started getting dizzy finally. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and I got really happy and hid my face in his shoulder. He tugged on my ponytail and made my head go back so we were face to face and then, he kissed me. I was out of it and didn’t really get what was going on but I was happy he kissed me. I ended up resting my head on his shoulder until my friend and DJ came upstairs…but the whole time I had my head down and my eyes closed, I could feel Jake rocking my hips back and forth really slow. He breathed heavy and it made me so wet-feeling something that hard rub against my clit. I know that Jake stopped right before the other two came upstairs again, DJ made a joke about me passing out but I flipped him off without turning around.“You’re awake?” Jake asked me, really surprised. I know now that he thought I HAD passed out…that I didn’t feel him do that. “Mhm…I’m sleepy.” I said back and my friend said I could go to bed in the guest room. Jake carried me up the stairs, let me put my shirt back on and pretty much tucked me into bed. Now, I know that the boys were sleeping on the couches down stairs and my friend was in her own room next door to me in the guest room. But I’m not sure when they went to bed or what time it was, but when it was late and there wasn’t any noise in the house, someone got into my bed with me. I’m a very light sleeper so the movement of the covers woke me up but I was still drunk and didn’t react to it. At first I was worried it was DJ or someone had broken in but Jake always smelled like coconuts (I don’t know if it was lotion or shampoo or what but I knew what he smelled like) so I knew it was him. He got really close and spooned me, but he was so soft and careful…I knew he thought I was still sleeping. I felt him poke himself against my butt, he’d push against my cheeks and slide his head between them before dipping between my thighs were my pussy was. I think he liked how my silky shorts felt because he pulled his dick out of his boxers and started to rub against me until some of his cum made my shorts wet. I was getting really wet too and  I wanted him to touch me more. But I knew he was older and I wasn’t sure if it was okay for him to do those things to me (legally) so I just pretended to be asleep.After a bit, he reached around to my boobs and grabbed a handful of one under my shirt. He groaned a bit and I think he was surprised to find that I wasn’t wearing my bra anymore. His rubbing turned into dry humping and I could feel the front of my shorts getting wet, my cum was starting to soak through…it felt really nice when my cum would slowly gush out of my pussy and drip into my panties. But then, Jake reached over me and hooked his hand between my legs…I sighed sleepily and rolled slightly against him so my legs were spread more, still pretending to be asleep. As soon as I opened my legs, it felt like a glob of cum dripped between my pussy if on cue, Jake rubbed his fingers against me. His fingers slide the fabric around so easily and I know it must’ve soaked all the way through because he slowly laid me on my back to sit up. He pulled the blanket down, spread my ankles further towards the corners of the bed before using his thumb to draw circles on my pussy. I couldn’t help breathing heavy, even in my sleep I would if he was doing that to me… Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet press against me, it slide up and down really slow. I could feel something hot puff against my skin and I realized it was his mouth and tongue moving against my shorts. My breathing got short and I couldn’t help but roll my head over a few times but I did my best not to react too much. As if it couldn’t feel any better, his finger lightly pulled my shorts and panties aside and I felt his tongue flick against my clit. His hand squeezed my thigh firmly when he sucked a bit and started spinning circles around my little nub-I couldn’t handle it…I started drooling a bit and I think I actually got very close to cumming right before he stopped.He groaned quietly and pulled the blanket back over us as he moved back to spoon me again. I felt him pull the back of my shorts down slowly until they were just under my ass…I felt his dick push against my panties before he pulled those down too and felt the warmth of our body heat against my pussy. Then I felt his tip slide between my pussy lips, he moaned and I bit my lip hard…it slid so easily until it reached my clit and he pulled back to do it again, over and over. I knew we could both hear the sloppy wet sounds and how heavy our breathing was. I didn’t know if he thought I was asleep or not, my eyes rolled back into my head as I anticipated the feeling of his cock rubbing against my clit. I wanted to cum-I might’ve begged for it. That’s when I felt his hand scoop my ass cheek upward, spreading my pussy open. I felt his tip push between my skin as he dipped his cock in, pushing the head in and out slowly. He moaned and breathed into my ear, his breaths tickled the hair against my ear. I think he was trying really hard not to shove his cock all the way in me but-he pushed in more and more each time. He got all the way in me, it was so deep I felt his hips grind against my ass. He pushed his hand against the center of my thighs and just slowly pumped in and in and in, pushing my cum out to make room for himself in me. I felt so stuffed, I couldn’t help but whimper…he started kissing my cheek and his other hand slowly pet my hair. It turned me on even more, I pretended he was my big brother fucking me, I told myself he was MY big brother and he was raping me while I slept and using my body to make himself cum. His strokes lengthened as he slowly pulled his cock out of me and back in-all the way in and when he’d get deep, he’d press me against him hard. I felt my body building up as he started pushing in deep again, just pumping into my little body over and over until it sounded like my pussy was softly sucking his cock in deeper. He started hitting someplace really sensitive, that made my body tense up until I finally came. My pussy throbbed and squeezed around his cock, but I tried so hard not to move the rest of my body-it was like torture. I came so hard, I wanted to squeeze the pillows and bite into them but I stayed perfectly still except for a few involuntary shudders. While I was still cumming, I felt his pull out quickly and press his dick between my ass cheeks, his tip pushed against my little hole and I twitched a bit…but something hot and wet fell against me. I felt it slide down my cheeks as he rubbed his dick into the mess he was making, still pumping more out.When he was done, he whispered my name, I think he was trying to see if I was awake, but I was so tired..and a bit afraid of what he’d do if he knew I knew that I stayed quiet. I pretended to be asleep until I actually fell asleep. And when I woke up, my clothes were on all the way and my bed was empty. I would’ve thought it was a dream if my panties were sticking to the back of my butt when I woke up…and a slight white stain on the fitted sheet that I very carefully wiped away with a wet cloth. When I saw Jake at breakfast, he tried to avoid eye contact unless he was sure I couldn’t see him. But when I talked to him, he was just like his normal self.


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