My Reward

I awoke with a shake, it had been a long few days with cooking and cleaning for the whole family, there were in town for the fourth of July holiday . i looked up groggily to Hubby standing over me giving me a kiss.”  i am taking the kids for breakfast this morning and Since you been working so hard i have a treat for you. It should be here in about 10 minutes” he whispered to me.  I was perplexed but too tired to think about what he said as i slipped back into sleep.  The next thing i feel are kisses on my neck, i was half asleep when i moaned Hubby’s name. “Nope guess again”, i hear a familiar voice but not my husbands i shoot up in bed very startled. I look over to see our friend Rick. We are friends with him and his wife but as far as i know they were not in the lifestyle.  I had a million questions but before i could ask them he kissed me again . He started to kiss and suck my nipples, i could feel the juice flowing out of my pussy.  He laid me down and kissed each and every inch of my body. He laid next to me kissing me deeply his finger running tiny circles around my clit, he was an expert with his finger. After about 30 seconds of this ,i felt the orgasm built as he rubbed faster. “ Faster”  i gasped the words almost unintelligibly.  I felt the wave of orgasm run through my body like a fire , my nails dug into the pillow and i screamed  in ecstasy.  I was now rabbid he had unleashed the inner slut , it’s almost like making the hulk mad. I grabbed him and flipped him over , his hard cock was in my mouth and i was pumping up and down like a piston. I loved the way his cock filled my mouth and slid down the back of my throat, i should have been paying attention to him but i was obsessed with sucking, that’s when i felt the cum hit the back of my throat, each pulse coated my tonsils as he filled my mouth. I sucked until he was done and then reached for my phone.  It’s a shame not to snap a few pics.   As i posed to take the pics he started to giggle and it made me laugh and the cum poured out of my mouth onto his belly , I lick it all back up  and and then swallowed. ( a few of the pics i took are on the $25 section of my patreon)

I was actually upset  i had made him cum, i wanted to get fucked, that’s when he grabbed me and threw me down on the bed. His cock still glistened from my spit and his cum as it entered my soaked pussy.  It went in with ease and my cunt wrapped around his dick like a warm blanket , he started pumping hard slamming my pussy. With each thrust the words came out “ You *thrust* think *thrust* im *thrust*going to *thrust*miss my *thrust* chance *thrust* to fuck you, *thrust* i have wanted *thrust* your cunt *thrust*  for years”. He pounded my pussy like he was angry at me and i loved it , i had always teased him , rubbed up against him by “accident” , made sure to bend over when i had on titty shirts so he could see  everything, and always flirted.  This was finally the pay off , he must have gotten good and drunk with hubby and told him about all the torture and now he was living out his fantasy punishing my cunt.  I started to cum again as i felt his cock bottom out in my cunt ,  i exploded and each pump got him a gush of pussy juice splashing up on his stomach and down to his balls.  “OMG he said i’ve never seen that before” he said in shock , but never stop fucking. I looked up and him with an evil grin and said fuck me harder and you will get more. He redoubled his efforts slamming cunt and nailing my g spot with perfect aim.  I started to squirt again my whole body shook as i came , wave after wave of hot pleasure pulsed through my body . He instantly  pulled out of my pussy and started to cum, each shot of his jizz was met with a jet of my pussy juice. I rubbed my clit as He covered me from pussy to tits in his cum and in return i soaked him from head to toe with mine. He collapsed on me like a man who was shot ,we lay in the huge mess we just made. He could barely lift his head off the cum soaked mattress when he said  “ that was the best fuck of my life “ . You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet”.  i said with my trademark evil grin .


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