Saturday night !!!

Our eyes met at a Starbucks and he actually had the balls to come over. He totally put me at ease and we talked for 2 hours . I actually thought that I wouldn’t go through with it but as we chatted more I started to really get excited about this kind of random guy fucking me. He was very intelligent but also very quick-witted. He was able to make me feel like I was protected. Still unsure what was going to happen, we walked to our cars. When we got to mine he gave me a hug and then kissed my neck so lightly. We started making out and after a bit I said “what now?” He was smiling as he said “I really want to fuck you but I’m OK with whatever”. I gathered my courage and said “my place NOW”
D and I started making out in my living room. We kissed for a pretty long time. We were touching each other up. It was quite sexy when he would squeeze my ass and grab my waist. I was getting very turned on but neither of us was in any rush. We eventually moved to the sofa and we continued making out. He would kiss my neck often and it made me moan. I was starting to realize that this was going to be really good. While we were kissing, D started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. He had a gentle touch but would also turn up the intensity.He opened my jeans and put his hand on top of my pussy and rubbed my clit. He would occasionally slip a finger in and get it wet before going back to my clit. He took his time and it was driving me crazy. I came pretty quickly but he didn’t stop. The rubbing got more intense and he started fingering me more. I had never been fingered so well. I don’t know what he did but he was rubbing the inside of my pussy very gently and I came over and over.
We both got naked and I finally got his cock in my mouth. I had his cock in my mouth I was very present and taking in every sense. He made me cum so hard with his fingers so I wanted him to see my appreciation. I swallowed his cock as much as I could. Then I spit out the precum and jerked him off before going down on it again. He eventually pulled my head up and kissed me more. In between kisses he asks “are you ready to get fucked?”- I almost came just from hearing that. D put on a condom and positioned me at the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me and slowly slip his cock in. It felt so wonderful. He started slowly fucking me. I came very quickly but, as I now understand where he was taking me, I continued to hold on while he turned up the heat. D is very sweet and funny but when he said things like “you like getting fucked by a stranger, don’t you?” it seemed authentic and not corny. He fucked me in that position for about 15 minutes as I had orgasms one after the other. At one point I thought he was taking a break but he just wanted to reposition me. He turned me sideways and continued fucking me. His cock was hitting my pussy in an unusual yet highly-satisfying way. A long, low orgasm started building up but it was like none that I have ever experienced. As it came to a head I couldn’t breath and I had the most intense orgasm of my life. It reached its peak and stayed there for over a minute. It was electric!

When I settled down he turned me over once again. I thought we were going to fuck doggy style but he started fingering me again from behind. Then he began licking my asshole. It surprised me but I let him continue. It was so hot. I figured he was going to suggest fucking my ass next. And even though I didn’t want to do that with a man, I was going to let him. Sexually, I trusted him with my life. He actually did not try to fuck my ass. He pounded me doggy for a bit before taking a break.

During our break he was very tender but also funny. It was really incredible to be with someone who treated sex as something intimate AND fun.
We kissed and went down on each other some more and then we got on top of me and fucked me so well. Our faces were buried into each other’s and our hands were everywhere. I couldn’t get enough of him and we were soaking wet with sweat.

I was on my back and he was kneeling near my face. He was stroking his cock and I was licking his balls. He asked where I wanted him to cum and I said in my mouth. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as sexy as looking up at this man as he started to cum. I took most of it in my mouth and swallowed it enthusiastically, i am greedy for cum.


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