The Dare – In mother’s place

This is basically a story about my deepest fantasy that I’ve been writing for the past week. I’ve had so much fun and orgasms and I’m really proud of it so if you want to know how to seriously turn me on just read this xxx

My mother and I have made a bet to see how long I could sleep in her place without my dad realising who it is. Mom thinks I won’t even last one night, but I think I will last longer than that….

I lie in the dark and listen to the sound of my father outside the tent. I’m wearing exactly what she told me to wear, just a loose-fitting t shirt and nothing else. The tent opens, and he is silhouetted against the light of the moon. My eyes are drawn to waist where I think I glimpse something big, but he turns away and zips up the tent again. I turn over and face away from my dad as he lies down under the blanket with me, and I think of what I may or may not have just seen. Does he always sleep naked? The duvet is tugged away from me as he adjusts his pillow and then he moves His body closer to mine. The first thing I feel is His cock as it just brushes my pussy lips right before he spoons me completely and I feel the entire thing. I am breathless as I am paralysed in shock and fear and I try to shuffle away but the movement seems to excite him even more. My dad’s hands slip up my top and cup my breasts. My nipples harden against his fingers and he pinches them and then twists them which sends a jolt of pain to my brain. I can’t believe what is happening to me even as I can’t help but feel moisture forming between my legs. I can’t breathe properly to form words in my mouth as his hands continue to roam my body at his own will.

His large, firm hands manoeuvre me so that I am upside down in the bed and his hot breath is on my bare pussy. The next thing I feel is my dad’s tongue flicking my clit quickly and I almost have an orgasm right there and then. I’ve had no sexual experience as I’m a virgin and although it still feels so wrong, I can acknowledge that he must be very good at this. It is then that I realise that in this position, his cock is inches from my face and is as thick, hard and long as I’ve ever seen before. I’ve never been this close to a cock before and I take in so much detail. There are veins running down the side of his cock from the purple head right down the considerable length, I would guess around 9 inches, where they disappear into his bush of pubic hair. It pulses gently with his heartbeat and mesmerises me. Although the length is quite scary, what shocks me is the girth. It is around the thickness if my wrist and I suddenly have a lot more respect for my mother, who has been having a sexual relationship with this man for around 18 years. I know my father as a gentle and kind man, so my first instinct is to act uninterested and hope that he gets the fact that his ‘wife’ isn’t in the mood and he will just fall asleep. I am snapped back to the present as he shifts his weight forward so that it is virtually touching my lips. My tongue betrays me as it flicks out to taste the precum and runs around the head. I realise my mistake quickly enough and go back to my plan. My father keeps licking pussy for a second before he stops. “You must be really horny tonight Sarah, you normally love sucking me off for ages, but you want to get straight to it… That’s okay with me, I’m ready”. His hands pick me up again and place me on top of him, so that my pussy lips wrap around the shaft of his dick. He rips off my top and tells me to rest on my knees, which I do. He positions his cock under me and gently guides me down so that it is nestled at the entrance to my virgin pussy. “Go for it baby…I love you and your wet, tight pussy”. I know that I can’t do this, but my mouth still can’t form words, so I just stay still. “Come on baby, you know how rough I can get when you tease me and you’re always sore in the morning” he growls at me in a dark voice that I’ve never heard before. I remain in the same position, but I find that my breath is coming back to me. Just as I’m about to open my mouth to speak, I open it in a silent scream as he grabs my hips and shoves upwards with enough force to rip through my hymen and about 5 inches of his manhood is embedded inside of me. I almost lose consciousness through the pain even while he pulls out an inch and pushes in another 3. I fall forward, and my tits are pushed into his face. A new sensation joins my already overwhelmed brain when he nibbles at my already erect and sensitive nipple. I feel as though my estimation of his length was awfully wrong as he just keeps pushing deeper until his hairy balls are pressed up against my ass. It must be closer to 11 inches. Like my mother, I am rather petite, so this is scarily deep. The skin around my pussy is stretched so tightly around the thicker base of his already thick cock and I can’t process my emotions to scream, moan or cry so I simply slump against him. “There we go Sarah,” he whispers into my ear “After all this time and you’re still this tight. It always amazes me that you don’t have permanent gape because it feels like I stretch you so much. Now I’m going to pound you so good, but you must be quiet. We wouldn’t want to wake Lauren because her tent is right next to ours”. At the sound of my own name, I am able to move, and I push myself off him, but I collapse face down on a pillow beside him. It feels as though I do have quite a gape already. “Great idea babe. I know how much you moan but this will keep you quiet”. He kneels behind me and his hands raise my hips until I am literally face down, booty up. This gives my father all the access he needs, and he grabs a handful of each ass cheek and pulls them apart which opens me up fully. All of a sudden, his hips slam forwards and his balls slap against my clit while I am once again in agony from how thick and long his cock is. I let out a short scream, but it sounds like a moan through the pillow and it is cut off abruptly when he pushes my face down further. “Come on Sarah, be quiet and take it like a good girl.” He pulls out nearly all the way but shoves all the way in again. And he does this several times before building up a faster pace. I stop whimpering after a while and he releases his grip on my hair. I realise that I’m being banged like a whore, but I can’t do anything about it. His rhythm is punishing, and my backside is aching from his pelvis slapping against it. Finally, after about 10 minutes of this torture he slams into me and groans, before pulling out, flipping me over and spraying his cum all over boobs, although the first sticky rope hits my cheek. Once again, he lies down next to me and insert his semi erect cock into me again, it doesn’t fit as tightly as before but is just as long and we both just fall asleep in this position.

I wake up several hours later to sunlight lighting up the tent. I am very disorientated, and it takes me a minute to remember the events of last night and then to realise that if my father woke up now, it would be bright enough to identify me. I gently move his arm, which is draped around my breasts, but then realise that his cock is still inside me, although it is nowhere near as tight. I move away, and it flops out of my vagina followed by a trickle of cum. I move to stand up and there is a pain deep inside of me. I struggle to get outside the tent and feel like there is a hole that was drilled by the path of my dad’s cock last night into my stomach. I quickly go down to the river to clean off my father drying cum from my body, before sneaking into my own tent and putting on one of my t shirts before waking my mom. She too is groggy but sits up at the sight of me. “How was it?” she asks. “You know, uneventful” I reply, “I lasted the whole night, so I win yeah?”. “Yes, okay okay, you win that bet, but I dare you to stay there tonight as well. It shouldn’t be too difficult as last night was uneventful right?” I can’t come up with a reason not to agree so I quickly accept and send her back to the other tent with her husband. Once she is gone, I sit down and find that my ass hurts, along with the rest of my aching body. The rest of the day passes very quickly, probably because I take several long naps throughout the day. We are camping near a lake as a little family holiday and both of my parents decide they want to spend the day fishing in the lake, which suits me because I can barely meet my father’s eye and I don’t want him to see me walking stiffly and this gives me an opportunity to steer clear of them. Later that night my father decides to go to bed earlier than his wife and daughter and smiles knowingly at his wife. When it is just myself and my mother she suggests we both go to bed as well. “Don’t forget to take off your panties dear”. As I’m pulling them off, she manages to get a glimpse at my pussy which is still gaping slightly after the entire day and she knew she made the right choice. While they were out at the lake fishing during the day she had pieced together what happened last night and told him that she loved it. But she also told him that she was willing to go a step further tonight. She knew how much he had always wanted to try anal with her, but she was way too scared of the pain, but she told him that because they were being so adventurous this trip she was willing to try it with him. Another key part of it was she told him that she would be really scared and resist but she wanted him to fulfil his dream anyway and take her ass as hard as he fucked her last night. This was all that was going through my father’s head as he settled down to wait for his wife for an eventful night in bed.

I enter the tent quietly and see the outline of my father lying down already. I can’t see if he is naked, but I assume he is. I lie down and get under the blanket next to him without touching him. This worked out so much better than expected and I relax in relief that the events of last night may not repeat themselves at all. But then I feel my ass being squeezed and another hand coming across my body to pinch my left nipple. I almost pray to God that he is still mostly asleep but no, he moves closer and closer and yet again I feel the tip of his cock against my ass and it is possibly harder than it was at any stage last night. This time instead of moving me so that he can lick my pussy at the same time, he pulls off my top, straddles my chest and dangles his cock over my face. I desperately look for a way around sucking his cock but while I do this, he grabs his cock and slaps my face with it. I’m still in shock when he does it again but harder. It’s extremely degrading but he keeps doing this until I open my mouth for his cock to fill. “This is my special night baby and I want you to deepthroat and blow me until I cum because I know that you can deepthroat me. And then I’m going to lick your pussy until you’re writhing and begging me to fuck you. Then the real fun begins.” My mouth is crammed full of his cock and I get the feeling that he is going to be taking a lot more control than last night. His cock tastes of his salty pre-cum and he pushes right to the back of my throat. This is a completely new experience for me and I don’t know what to do but my dad seems to be enjoying the feeling of me gagging as I struggle for breath around his piece of meat. “Just breathe through your nose honey, just like we practised, and then relax your throat and it will be more enjoyable for us both.” Some part of me knows that this will end badly for me, but I attempt to do as he says, and it works. I’m no longer gagging, and it becomes a lot more bearable. But at the same time, as soon as I get the hang of it, my father’s cock encounters no more resistance and I allow him past the point of no return, and he pushes deeper and deeper into my throat. I attempt to push him away while I panic and choke but he barely even notices as he’s in ecstasy. “I knew you could do it baby yesss… I’m getting closer” and he makes small quick motions with his body which takes him over the edge. I still have no control over him as he pulls out and strokes his cock for a second before putting the tip back into my open, gasping mouth and his white sticky ropes of cum fill my entire mouth and then start over flowing. I splutter and spit out as much as I can, and it spreads across my cheeks and chin.

His weight suddenly leaves my chest and my legs are pulled apart. His hands find their way to my sopping wet pussy. That’s not right, I think to myself. Why am I turned on by this? My dad’s fingers find their way to my pussy and rub my little clit, before they spread my labia apart and buries his face between them. It is a completely different sensation to taking cock, and a lot more enjoyable because his tongue can only penetrate an inch or two. He gives wide long licks along the full length of my pussy, which admittedly isn’t very big. I find myself succumbing to his work on my pussy and find myself building towards an orgasm and my breathing becomes rapid. I think my father must have caught on to this because suddenly he pulls his mouth away and lets me calm down. Instead of doing the same thing again, this time he focuses his tongue on my little clit and sends spasms through my body because it is so sensitive. He seems to have many tricks up his sleeve as every time I get close to tipping off the edge, he changes tactic and attacks me another way. By the time he’s done this 4 times, I’m practically begging him to let me cum and he seems satisfied. His cock is already thickening and lengthening again and is soon back to his colossal size. “You didn’t seem to like being on top yesterday, so I think we’re going to start with you under me tonight”. My legs are lifted and put directly on his shoulders and from my position I can just see his cock pointing straight at my wet vagina. I find myself looking forward to this as I’m already a horny mess from his tongue teasing and I long to be satisfied. I am waiting for him to make his move quickly but this time he still teases by rubbing up and down around my needy hole, so I reach down and take a hold of his cock and guide it in until his knob starts pushing at the sides of my pussy to allow him entry. He gets the idea and pushes into me, but moves slowly so that I feel every detail of his cock as it fills me up. I realise now that this is what I’ve been missing all day, a feeling of fullness and ecstasy. By the time half of him is inside me, I am already cumming, my eyes roll back and my pussy contracts to squeeze every inch of his thick monster. My father feels this engulf his cock and knows exactly how horny I am, and gives me the rest of what I need by burying his cock balls deep into me, which prolongs my orgasm even more. The next thing I feel is a lot more unexpected; his lips meet mine. I open my eyes as his mouth opens and allows his tongue to gain entry to mine. I taste something in his mouth and realise with a shock that it is my own juices from his teasing. His hips start into a deep, smooth rhythm which radiates pleasure throughout my body. While I am so relaxed, he sneakily moves his hands down to my ass and pushes one of his thumbs into my unsuspecting ass. I instantly tense up and my asshole closes around his finger while I try to process the feeling of something foreign in such a personal place. His pace begins to quicken, and I realise that this is quickly becoming less and less enjoyable, and his finger in my ass begins to move around in circles to try to loosen it up a bit but I’m perfectly happy with the fact that it is not allowing him to move around at all. His cock is now painfully pounding my poor little pussy and I let out a moan of pain with every thrust, but they are just absorbed into his mouth and encourage him even more. “I know how much you love doggy style because of how much deeper I can go, so I think that’s what you need to get into the mood”. I am given a momentary reprieve when he removes himself from my thoroughly abused pussy, but I don’t like the sound of him being able to reach new depths. From this new position, I feel so open because of how close his knees are and I soon find out just how much deeper he can go; it feels like at least an extra inch, but it may be only minute. Once again, his fingers start to try to enter my ass and from his position, he can spit onto my ass and give himself the lubrication that his two index fingers need to slide right in. My father’s cock is still embedded deep between my pussy lips and using his fingers, he pulls them apart and I am alarmed to find that it is working because I can feel it widen slightly. As if this was all he was after, he leaves my ass alone and starts ploughing into me again. However, after about five strokes, he pulls out and rubs the head of his cock up and around my ass before inserting it back into my pussy and continues to fuck me. Again, he pulls out and rubs it around my asshole, but this time I realise what he is doing; he is rubbing the wetness from my pussy up and around my ass to use as lubrication. I have no idea how he expects to try anal with me, when my asshole is about size of a lollypop and his cock and his cock is around the thickness of a can of coke. My dad does this three more times and then next time, he applies force but gets nowhere and I am relieved because I don’t believe that he will ever be able to fuck my ass, especially as my bet with Mom is definitely over after tonight. I allow myself to ignore his rubbing and pushing after a while but every time he seems to be getting more and more frustrated. Until finally, he pulls out of my pussy with his cock, and then begins to finger me and rub my clit at the same time. This brings me straight to an orgasm and while I cum, I lose concentration and his cock forces its way right into the tightest hole it’s ever been in. I scream out loud in pain and my father clasps his hand over my mouth, but not before I wail loud enough that someone would think I was dying. With his hand still silencing my cries, he keeps stretching my ass out around his thick member. The deeper he goes, the more I cry but he doesn’t seem to care because he finally fulfilled his dream of filling his wife’s ass full of his huge cock. “Please… stop……” I mumble into his hand. “I’m not your wife… I’m not Sarah”. He must have understood something of what I said as he goes very very still, with his balls pressed up against my severely stretched pussy, and his bush of pubic hair against my hairless private parts. He removes his hand and whispers” What did you just say to me?”. “I’m not Sarah, Daddy… I’m Lauren…… your daughter”. He is motionless for a second, and then slowly reaches out for a lamp and turns it on. The first sight he is met with is the view of his still extremely solid cock buried between my very red and sore ass cheeks. His hand grips my hair and pulls it backwards so that he can see my face. His eyes meet my mine and I see a mixture of disbelief, anger and, something else. He is turned on. Still looking into my eyes, he begins to pull his cock from my ass and I think that it is finally over, until he reaches the head of his cock, and then he pauses. Almost as if he can’t resist, he shoves all the way back into me with a feral look on his face. It is now my turn to show disbelief, as my father willingly begins to fuck his daughter in the ass.

It is at this point that I hear the zip of the tent open, but I know it’s my mother, even though I can’t see the entrance from my compromising position. She takes in the situation and then meets her husband’s eyes which look back at her in anger. “You knew about this the whole time didn’t you, you sneaky slut. Come here”. My mother comes into my view and I see that she is completely naked, and it is clear that she is very aroused. Her nipples look very hard and large, and her hand is wet, as if she has been masturbating. She stands right next to me and looks at my severely stretched holes with shock, my pussy is still wide open, and my father’s cock is still filling my ass.  I see my father’s hand behind her and she jumps as I hear a large slap land against her ass. When she turns to look at my Dad, I see a fiery red hand mark against her milky white ass cheeks. My perception of my father has changed drastically over the last two days, from being a gentle hearted person to a sexually driven man. With one last shove, he pulls out of my ass hole, and I feel strangely empty. I turn over to watch my Mom get down on her knees and suck his cock with enthusiasm, but it is not enough for him because he takes a grip of her hair and starts jackhammering against the back of her throat. This doesn’t last very long though because I find my mother in the same position as I was last night, face down, ass up. My dad directs her towards me and her face is pushed towards my open pussy. She immediately starts licking intensely but is a lot softer than my Dad. She wraps her smooth lips around my clit and sucks, and the feeling is amplified when another slap connects with her as and she moans, which sends vibrations right into my sensitive clit. I see my father line up his cock, and ram it directly into my mother’s pussy. The force jolts her forwards and her tongue delves deep into me. Despite everything, I feel myself approaching another orgasm, which I hit violently when she inserts two fingers into my pussy and curves them upwards, to hit my previously undiscovered g-spot. I writhe under her persistent pressure even as I cum and she just laps up my juices willingly. When she eventually stops I sit up to see my mother looking back in surprise. “You think you could get away with this without losing your own anal virginity?” he laughs, and I realise that he is doing the same thing that he did to me. “Come here baby girl.” he says to me. “Lie down and put your face just here. You’ll get the best view” He indicates to the spot right under where his cock is buried in my Mom’s pussy. I do as he says and he’s right. From this point, I can see my mother’s hole stretched tight around his penis. He pushes my mom’s hips down further so that I can practically reach out with my tongue and lick it. As he starts to fuck her, I can see that every vein is bulging, and his hairy balls start to slap my face. A few drops of my mother’s pussy juices drop onto my lips and my tongue instinctively darts out to taste it. It tastes very similar to my own from when I tasted it from my father’s mouth and it strangely very tasty. I reach out with my own hands and pull my mom down on top of me so that I can latch on to her clit and suck, just as she had done to me. This produced a loud moan from her and she started an orgasm of her own. I lapped up the rush of juices and put my tongue against the shaft of my dad’s cock right at the hole of her pussy so that I can feel the movement against my tongue and also give him pleasure. Then right in front of my eyes, he pulls out and presses it up against her tiny asshole and rubs it around a bit. I get excited now because I can’t wait to see my mother go through the same torture that I had to. He tries the same pattern again. Three times rubbing around the outside and then on the fourth attempt, he tries to force his way inside. However, the next time he pulls out of her pussy, I latch on to her clit and shove my fingers into her gaping hole, and he pierces her tight ring of muscle. She cries out as he drives into her virgin ass for the very first time. This all happens an inch in front of my face and I can barely believe it, although my own ass is still in pain from the memory so I know it is possible. From my position, I am mesmerised as all of his 11 inch cock disappears and reappears in quick succession. My mother can’t control herself and cums again, even though she came barely two minutes ago. She must be exhausted because she collapses and all of her weight is pushed down onto my face. My mouth is mashed up against her pussy and I enjoy the feeling of my tongue inside her. My father does not relent and continues to cram himself into her. His balls start slapping my face again when he raises his intensity once more. “I think it’s about time you got some more action, young lady. I’ve seen you rubbing your clit for the last five minutes.”. It’s true. It’s inevitable that I would be turned on by the scene in front of me. “Come and ride me now Lauren” His cock is taken from my mother above me and I see her asshole flexing above me, trying to close again but it resolutely stays wide open. I shift out from under her and see my father looking down at my body and stroking his cock slowly, as if he’d never seen me in this way before. I sit up and reach for his cock, and I take over from his hand’s duties. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing butit seems to be working because it flexes and jumps in my hand as if it’s alive. Without thinking, I put my mouth to the tip and suck just the head into my mouth. It tastes of a mix of flavours now, seeing as it has been inside 6 different holes tonight, including my mouth and my mothers. He doesn’t really expect me to do this and looks down at me in suprise. I look back up at him and meet his eyes, which are full of lust. Almost as if he can’t resist, his hips start moving and although I don’t expect it, he fills mouth to the throat but I don’t gag. I think of what he told me to do earlier; relax my throat and breathe through my nose, and I take him partly into my throat, but start choking so I pull away again. My spit and saliva cover my dad’s cock. “A work of progress I think” he groans down at me. “Come on then, let’s get to it”.I see my mother watching with awe as I wrap my leg around h8m and straddle him. She seems amazed at my whole situation as she now has to share her monster of a husband with a much younger of herself, who has already started trying to deepthroat him! We both realise at the same time that this is the same position that I lost my virginity to him only last night. “Soft or hard baby?” he asks in wait, with his cock already positioned below me. “Have you been naughty or nice?”. “Naughty” I whisper, “really naughty.” He grins as though this is exactly the answer he was looking for and impales me to the balls in one thrust. I’ve almost forgotten how big he is but I don’t regret it at all because I feel so full and content. He thrusts again and again and I move my hips down to meet his. His hands take hold of my ass cheeks and hold me still as he works his magic. My orgasm overwhelms me quickly, but this motivates him even more and with a last ram, he finds his own release and without thinking, he sends his sperm right into his daughter’s cervix. When I feel his cum spurting inside of me I look to his eyes in shock, but I only find his closed in ecstasy. He rolls over and falls asleep with my legs still wrapped around him and I’m trapped by his weight, with his softening cock and sperm still embedded into my fertile womb.


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