Wife’s Boss

I married my pretty redheaded wife Jane just six months ago. She is 5’8″ tall, with long hair, big firm tits and fabulous legs. I am absolutely crazy about her and felt so lucky that she agreed to marry a short, rather slight docile guy like me. I felt like I was in heaven after the wedding and the start of our married life, but she was not so happy. Jane is a very fiery woman, headstrong and used to getting her own way. She also speaks her mind, and I was rather taken aback when she told me early on that she was not satisfied with our sex life. She put it down to my rather small penis and the fact that I was not able to last very long. Wanting to do all I could to please her I spent many hours between her legs trying to satisfy her with my tongue. This at least seemed to stop her complaining so much.

About two months ago she began a new job as secretary to the boss of a large local firm. Right from the start she told me how much she loved the job and what a gorgeous hunk her 28 year old boss was. As time went on I found she was talking about him every evening when she got home. When pressed she admitted to me that she did fancy him. I did worry about this, particularly as she had expressed her disappointment with my sexual performance. It turned out I was right to be worried, as one evening she sat me down and told me he had fucked her. I was stunned, and felt I had a lump in my stomach the feeling of jealousy being so strong. I pleaded with her not to repeat the experience.

“Oh no,” she replied, in her usual forthright manner. “It was absolutely wonderful, the best sex I have had in my life. I am going to make sure Adam fucks me as often as possible, and you are going to have to put up with it or leave.”
I could tell from her tone that there was no way I was going to be able to change her mind, and I certainly did not want to lose her. I therefore reluctantly agreed to her cuckolding me in this way.

Though it hurt to know that my wife was giving herself to another man, it was easier to accept when it was a man I had never seen, so I tried to put it out of my mind. This all changed last Saturday, as my wife told me her boss was coming round that afternoon as he had decided he wanted to meet me.
Before he came my wife went for a bath and came down to the lounge in just her short white bathrobe. I noticed she had painted her toenails and guessed rightly it was not for my benefit.
“Now when he gets here,” she instructed. “Make sure you are very respectful to him, and call him sir.”
“What?” I exclaimed. “This guy is fucking my wife and making me a cuckold, and you expect me to kow tow to him and call him sir? Why?”
“Do you really want to know?” she asked me.
“Yes, I do,” I said.
“Because you are a submissive little wimp with a tiny dick, who can’t satisfy his wife,” she spat. “He is superior to you in every possible way, and if you
want to stay with me you will do as you are told. OK?”
“OK, OK,” I responded, shocked by her cruel outburst. About half an hour later the doorbell rang and I went to answer the door. I was confronted by a 6’5″ tall blond-haired man with a very muscular body. I had to admit Jane was right he was very good looking.

“Good afternoon sir,” I said respectfully, as ordered.
Adam looked at me with a smirk of sheer contempt as he pushed past me without a word. I followed him to the lounge, where I was just in time to see my wife
throw her arms round him and kiss him with a passion.They had their hands all over each other, and the stark reality of my wife’s adultery was staring me in
the face. I felt sick. Eventually they broke away, and he put his arm around her shoulder as they both turned to face me.
“So this specimen is your husband,” Adam laughed. “You know the way you talked about him, I was expecting to see a weak, weedy, wimpy little Nancy boy. He
hasn’t disappointed me!” My wife laughed out loud at her lover’s insulting remarks, and my face turned bright red.
“Don’t just stand there Nancy boy,” my wife said, joining in the abuse. “Get my
boyfriend a drink.”

“I will have a very large scotch with a little water,” Adam instructed.
“Yes sir,” I replied, and my wife laughed again at my subservience to him.
After he settled on the sofa with Jane snuggled up to him, Adam spoke to me.
“As you know wimp,” he began. “I have been fucking your lovely wife for the last month or so. We havebecome very close, and I have decided that I want her to be my girl. I decided to come her today to fuck her in your bed so you know who is the real man in this house. Do you understand?” I looked at my wife, who was smirking at my discomfort.

“Yes sir,” I replied humbly, hating myself for not having the guts to argue.
“Right then,” he said, after finishing his drink. “Jane and I are going upstairs now. You will go to the supermarket and get a couple of bottles of wine. When you return, you will come upstairs naked with onebottle of wine and two glasses on a tray. If we are still fucking you will wait outside on your knees until wehave finished.”
“Off you go then errand boy,” my wife taunted, as she took Adam’s hand and led
him upstairs.

When I returned I took the wine upstairs, having undressed. As I got near the bedroom door, it was clearthey were still in the throes of passion, with my wife gasping loudly in ecstasy.
“Oh God Adam,” I heard her cry. “You are making me come again you horse cocked
stud. I can’t stand the pleasure you are giving me!”
With a knot in my stomach and tears in my eyes, I knelt by the bedroom door. Eventually I heard Adam give out a loud groan at the same time my wife swore out
a powerful orgasm. It went quiet soon after, and I decided to give it a minute or two before going in.
“Are you out there wimp?” Adam’s voice boomed from the other side of the door.
“Yes sir,” I called back.
“Well get in here then you little turd!” he shouted.
I walked in with the tray, and when Adam caught sight of my naked body he roared
with laughter.

“Oh my God Jane,” he laughed. “I thought you were kidding when you told me about the size of his dick. I have never seen such a pitiful specimen!” Jane joined her lover enthusiastically in laughing at me.
I put the tray down on the cabinet next to Adam and stood back.
“Why are you just standing there wimp?” he asked me. “My cum is oozing out of your wife’s cunt. Get round there and clean it up!”
I went round to Jane’s side of the bed, and with a huge smirk she pulled off the bedcover and spread her legs, to reveal a large white gob of cum at the entrance to her pussy.
“Get your sissy face in there boy,” she ordered me. “And suck out all of Adam’s lovely cum.”
I knelt between her legs and began to lap at her sopping pussy. As she pushed my head right into her pussy she asked me if I had heard all the enjoyment her
lover had given her before he deposited that large load into her. They both laughed when I confirmed that I had heard everything, and made me admit that I
was incapable of giving my wife that pleasure. I stood up after having cleaned Jane thoroughly.
“Adam has my pussy juices all over his dick,” Jane advised. “You had better get round there and clean that off too hadn’t you?”
“Please don’t make me do that,” I pleaded, but they just laughed and told me to go round to Adam’s side.
He pulled the cover off, and I got my first sight of his dick. Although it was now soft, I could see it was very long and thick. I could see now why Jane had
made so much noise when he fucked her. Feeling nauseous and hugely embarrassed I knelt down and took his dick in my mouth and began to suck it clean.
“I bet you never expected to see a husband of yours sucking cock did you?” Adam said to Jane.
“No,” she replied. “But seeing his lips stretched round your dick, he looks a natural faggot cocksucker!” More laughter from both of them.
After this I was sent back downstairs while they had more fun together. They eventually came back down an hour or so later, and I was told to serve the other
bottle of wine.
“Now then,” said Adam, as they settled down on the sofa. “As I said, Jane is my girl now, and that means you don’t fuck her any more. Understand?”
“But…,” I started to say.
“Don’t argue wimp,” my wife snapped. “Only Adam gets to fuck me in future, get used to the idea.”
“Also,” Adam went on. “I am a jealous kind of guy, so I need to know for sure that you are not going to tryto fuck my girl. That means you are going to have
to wear a cock cage in future.”
“What permanently?” I asked, in a panic.
“Oh yes,” confirmed my wife with a cruel smile. “No more fucking, no more jerking off and certainly no cumming. The end of your sex life sissy boy!”
“In addition,” Adam continued. “You will suck up every drop of cum from Jane’s pussy after I have done with her, and, after your performance today I will have to spend some time teaching you to suck cock properly, so I can fill your wimpy mouth for mine and your wife’s amusement. You either agree to these terms or you lose your wife completely. What is it going to be?”
I looked at the triumphant grin my wife was giving me, and knew that I had to go along with it. I couldn’t bear to be without her.
“OK,” I agreed miserably. “Whatever you say sir.”
“Good,” said Adam, as he got up to leave.
“We will see you to the door,” Jane said, as she motioned for me to follow. The two of them stood by the front door and engaged in a very long, very passionate goodbye kiss, with me standing by them like a complete wuss.
“See you Monday baby,” Jane said eventually, as she let him out.
“Oh isn’t he wonderful,” she said to me after closing the door. “So strong, so assertive.”
“So arrogant,” I added.
“Not like you, you wimp,” she went on. “Saying “Yes sir, no sir and running errands for him while he isfucking your wife! You had better get used to him being round here a lot, because I love watching him treat you like shit. Oh, are you starting to cry honey? Good, that is one of the few things you are able to do that give me pleasure. Now get on your knees Nancy boy, I still have some of my virile lover’s cum inside me.”

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